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Xristakos Metal & Construction serves your every demanding need in insulation and security, installing the advanced europa aluminum systems, which are the most advanced solution in aluminum frames.
Exterior doors, windows, shutters, screens, garage doors, security doors, awnings, bars and aluminum frames, in every dimension and color choice, are installed by our workshops with consistency, guarantee and economy.

EUROPA Aluminum Systems combine unparalleled manufacturing quality, safety, durability and high aesthetics.

EUROPA Opening Aluminum Systems


αλουμινια europa χριστάκος


  • Opening thermal insulation system.

  • High, certified thermal insulation with a thermal transmittance coefficient Uf of 1.1W/m2K.

  • Type certificates for air permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind pressure.

  • Rectangular design with 2 leaf and case sizes.

  • It accepts 2-pane or 3-pane (the SI version) glass panes up to 44mm for high levels of thermal insulation and sound insulation.

  • Absolute waterproofing with 3 rows of double-extrusion tires.


The new opening thermal insulation system EUROPA Hybrid A40 SI is EUROPA's top proposal in terms of architectural systems with high thermal insulation (Super Insulation). The design of the profiles harmonizes with modern architectural trends, as it is offered in straight lines.

Particular emphasis has been placed on the design of the series to provide increased thermal insulation with Uf from 1.1W/m2K as well as increased sound insulation.

The specially designed double-extrusion tires made of epdm material in combination with expanded-epdm, as well as the use of insulating materials XPS and EPS inside the chambers, achieve a significant increase in thermal insulation. In addition, the specially designed EPDM rubber stoppers achieve excellent sealing with the central tire.

The EUROPA Hybrid A40 SI range is supplied with a perimeter locking mechanism for maximum security. The series gives the additional possibility of manufacturing flush entry doors with an external heavy-duty hinge.


Συστήματα Αλουμινίου EUROPA

The "Prima 8500" series is a new economic thermal insulating opening system. It is the heat-insulating version of the "Prima 850" system, having all its features in relation to the simple or perimeter locking version.

The waterproofing of both versions is achieved with 3 rows of tires while their design provides for the safe drainage of moisture. It was designed to be able to work with the sliding system “PRIMA 8000” while it has certificates for typologies from the Notified Laboratories IFT ROSENHEIM and EKANAL.

EOS 60 Hybrid

Συστήματα Αλουμινίου EUROPA

New integrated window and door system designed to meet today's and tomorrow's trends. It reduces the required building energy and offers increased access to natural light, excellent performance in adverse climatic conditions and safety.
It has a wide range of construction options and is perfectly combined in complex constructions with the sliding system ESS 34 Hybrid. The combination of these two systems is the ideal choice for replacements covering all the required specifications.
For aesthetically minimal lines, it is possible to use the hidden sheet which noticeably reduces the visible surface of the frame.

ESS 90 PH Hybrid

Συστήματα Αλουμινίου EUROPA

EUROPA's latest innovative pop-up system. The system optimizes the climatic conditions by combining the maximum thermal insulation coefficients with the modern design.

IH Ideal choice for the modernization of windows with passive house certification. EOS 90PH is an integrated system for energy efficient building solutions. It offers certified passive thermal insulation from the Institute of Passive Houses ( with a factor of Uw=0.75 W/m2K, which is to date the highest performance for aluminum frames (worldwide). The increased sound reduction is achieved with the specially designed EPDM foam tires and the possibility of using glass up to 80mm which means it is ideal for use in urban areas.

ESS 90 PH Hybrid

Συστήματα Αλουμινίου EUROPA

A unique combination of thermal insulation with high aesthetics and functionality, which gives a "strong identity" to every space. The modern design with soft lines and elegant curves leaves an authentic sense of perfection, which fully meets the architectural requirements.
The series is also available with the Multiple Locking Mechanism, increasing the security level against burglary. It offers certified high thermal insulation.

Folding Aluminium Systems EUROPA

EUROPA S.5000 & EUROPA S.5500

Συστήματα Αλουμινίου EUROPA

The ideal system to cover needs of ergonomics, functionality and flexibility, with the special design of the EUROPA 5000 series. The two series combine perfectly if found in the same space.
With a shape better known as ≪accordion≫, it is the successful solution when it is necessary to combine a closed space with a terrace or garden, to increase or even reduce the space, easily and functionally.

The ideal combination of thermal break technology, for absolute insulation in intense climatic conditions, with all the advantages of the EUROPA S.5000 series.

Slides Europa Aluminum Systems


Συστήματα Αλουμινίου EUROPA

The reliable solution suitable for replacing old frames. It combines flexibility and economy in construction, with an impeccable finish and absolute functionality, with the use of a stainless steel plate on the guide, allowing the sheets to roll smoothly.
The EUROPA 6000 Hybrid series is a sliding Hybrid System with straight lines of design, which covers both modern market trends and replacements of old recessed frames.
It is a reliable solution suitable for the construction of small frames with a high level of thermal insulation.


Συστήματα Αλουμινίου EUROPA

It is the innovative raised system, where intense climatic conditions require absolute thermal insulation properties. It perfectly satisfies the need for absolute thermal insulation in sliding systems.
It is ideal for large openings and can carry glass panels of increased specifications, thanks to the sophisticated rolling mechanism that ensures perfect and comfortable operation. The EUROPA 10000 Hybrid is offered with or without a lifting mechanism, depending on the choice of sash.
Its robust and imposing construction gives it security and prestige, while its classic, straight design lines lend a subtle sense of luxury and high aesthetics. The EUROPA 10000 Hybrid series offers certified high thermal insulation.

ESS 34 Hybrid

Συστήματα Αλουμινίου EUROPA

The sliding thermal insulation system ESS 34 Hybrid was designed with high quality and flexibility in mind. It offers a multitude of construction options that include it in the systems that cope with most requirements.
It has guides for all possible sliding typologies in 42 and 32mm height, as well as a hook profile with a visible surface of only 25mm. Characteristic that gives simple, minimal design, unobstructed view and uniqueness.
At the same time, with the use of specially designed profiles, it is possible to manufacture frames with large dimensions that can reach 2.6m in height and 10m2 of glass surface.


Συστήματα Αλουμινίου EUROPA

The “PRIMA 800” series is a new economical sliding system with simple straight design lines. It was designed to provide solutions for frame replacements as well as new constructions, with an emphasis on modern aesthetics and functionality.
The scrolling of the sheets   is done on a stainless steel guide for quiet and smooth operation. The sealing is done around the perimeter with brushes while it has the possibility of having a locking mechanism from 2 to 5 points.
Another key advantage is that the “PRIMA 800” was designed to be able to work harmoniously with the “PRIMA 850” drop-down system and create a unified look when located in the same space.


Συστήματα Αλουμινίου EUROPA

The "Prima 8000" series is the new Economic Thermal Insulation Sliding System. The series is available in two construction versions, with a conventional rolling mechanism, simple rollers and sealing of the system with brushes and with a lifting rolling mechanism, where the sheet is lifted and rolls on the stainless steel guide with reinforced sealing of the rubber system.
The maximum construction weight per sheet is 200kg. It was designed to work harmoniously with the  “PRIMA 8500”  opening system, while having certificates for typologies from the Notified Laboratories IFT ROSENHEIM and EKANAL.

Thermal insulation rolls Aluminium EUROPA

EUROPA 999 & EUROPA 999 Hybrid

Συστήματα Αλουμινίου EUROPA

The innovative specifications of the EUROPA 999 roll change the data in the field of construction, offering flawless aesthetics with even greater ventilation and safety capabilities.
The EUROPA 999 roll has an innovative design in the blinds that ensure up to 25% more air and light, a latch mechanism placed at the bottom of the roll offering greater safety while it has a torque-controlled motor that automatically stops to avoid accidents (upward movement). The specially designed finish profile (housing) of EUROPA 999 has a suitable chamber, which accepts security latches made of steel blades, thus offering greater security against possible tampering.

The EUROPA 999 Hybrid series is the thermal insulation version of the EUROPA 999 Roll System. It combines greater safety with hybrid technology, achieving higher levels of thermal break, thus contributing to energy savings.


Συστήματα Αλουμινίου EUROPA

The EUROPA 950 Hybrid series is EUROPA's new proposal in aluminum roller shutter systems. This new system comes to be added to the already existing roll systems of the company which are the EUROPA 990 and 999, simple and heat insulating (Hybrid).
The EUROPA 950 Hybrid series offers increased thermal insulation up to 1.2w/m2K. The elimination of thermal bridges is enhanced by the use of PC (polycarbonate) material side and graphite EPS. The system has been properly studied and designed to achieve greater mat height using a smaller box by improving the pivot position. The width of the box has been optimized for a better fit, while thanks to the integrated slider on the side, it saves time in fitting.


Take advantage of the Home Savings II program and call us immediately at your place, for you we submit our study for the   energy upgrade of your old frames, with the new frames of high energy efficiency and high specifications EUROPE.

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Take advantage of the Home Savings II program and call us immediately at your place, for you we submit our study for the energy upgrade of your old frames, with 

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