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XRISTAKOS Metal & Construction
Metallic buildings


Our modern professional equipment, our highly trained technical staff, our know-how and our experience in the construction of metal buildings and projects are the main reasons why our company occupies a prominent position in the field and enjoys the trust and preference of customers.


Our modern and proprietary mechanical and electronic equipment contributes to the high quality of our constructions, as well as to the timely completion of our projects.


Indicatively, some of the basic machines used by our company in construction are:

Design equipment, software & imaging instruments:

  • Tekla Visualizer 3D visualization  of metallic  carriers design software.

  • Modeling programs.

  • Advanced Lantek software system, for automating the design and parameterization of CNC sheet metal machines.

  • Geodetic station and Laser measuring instruments.

Production equipment:

  • Machine Siloma Ol 500/800 Dgh Metal cutting saw, adjustable hydraulic pressure and ability to cut up to 800 mm beam cut at 45 degrees ipe 500.

  • MACC TA 400 Metal Cutting Circular Saw with compound miter, extra heavy type, for small beams cutting ability 45 degrees  ipe 350.

  • Promotec high definition plasma cutting CNC with drilling & tapping capability, with HyPerformance ® HPR130XD plasma power supply, 130 amp.

  • 25 mm Inverter Hand-Held Metal Cutting Plasma.

  • 115 ton miter saw Hilansan 115 brand, with the possibility of drilling φ30 in 26mm & cutting corner blade, solid square, cutting shaft-blades, corner cuts, strand.

  • Hand-held iMac scissors with the possibility of drilling φ26 in 15 mm thickness.

  • Optimum Heavy Duty Fixed Pillar Drill.

  • Magnetic drills for accurate, efficient and safe metal drilling.

  • Extrusion press hydraulic NC usd 80 tons, sheet forming.

  • Usd scissors with cutting ability 6 mm, 3 meters.

  • 4 MAG Welding Machines.

  • Tig welding machine for critical metal welding joints, especially in stainless steel.

  • Airless paint spraying system.

Transport equipment:

  • 1 Clark 3 tons.

  • 1 Clark 2.5 tons.

  • 1 Crane-carrying vehicle with a lifting capacity of 30 tons and a height of 25 meters.

  • 2 trucks of 3.5 tons.

  • 1 self-propelled 4×4 diesel powered Scissor Work Platform, working height 12.5 meters.

  • 1 Equipment transport van.

  • 1 Personnel transport car.

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At XRISTAKOS METAL & CONSTRUCTION, we constantly invest in the modernization and upgrading of our equipment.

We closely monitor developments and adapt immediately to new technologies, as a result of which we build projects of high standards with consistency and competitive costings.




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